Tzora Elite Easy Travel Scooter

Was: $2,870.00

Now: $1,638.00

Weight Capacity:
280 lbs
Top Speed:
4.5 mph
Drive Range:
8 Miles
Heaviest Piece:
Turning Radius:
  • Tzora Elite Easy Travel Scooter
  • Tzora Elite Easy Travel Scooter
  • Tzora Elite Easy Travel Scooter
  • Tzora Elite Easy Travel Scooter



Tzora's Easy Travel Elite Scooter is a five star, award-winning electric mobility scooter designed to make your traveling life as easy as possible. This ultra lightweight mobility scooter for adults utilizes a patented hub motor drive wheel, which makes the scooter lighter, increases steering capability and saves on space. In addition to the in-wheel motor design, the Easy Travel Elite Scooter has a number of exciting and essential features that make it one of the preeminent handicap scooters on the market.
The Easy Travel Elite Scooter boasts excellent design, portability, and performance. Transporting or storing the Elite is the height of simplicity with its folding capability, as well as the option to separate it into three lightweight pieces (with no latches, connectors or mechanisms to open and close). The Elite can be checked in with any airline without a problem and is easily carried on to trains and taxis.


For safety purposes, the Easy Travel Elite Scooter features a four post seat. This prevents the instability that comes along with the center post type seat used by most scooters. The four post seat improves safety with a 45% increase in the scooter's stability on inclines.




Quick and powerful, yet safe and stable
Folds easily and quickly. No need to bend or lift heavy parts
Ideal for running errands or for just wandering around
Ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality
Detach the battery pack and carry it inside for recharging
Great for indoors and outdoors. Non-marking and flat free tires