Mobility Scooter Trailer

Was: $4,210.00

Now: $4,140.00

  • Mobility Scooter Trailer
  • Mobility Scooter Trailer
  • Mobility Scooter Trailer
  • Mobility Scooter Trailer


EVERY MAKE & MODEL OF VEHICLE CAN TOW ScootaTrailer with up to a 600 lb. electric wheelchair or scooter inside. AND, they can all do it at any highway speed without complication of overloading the vehicle or the hitch. This includes sub-compacts, compacts, medium & large vehicles, trucks & SUV’s.

Sub-compact examples: Honda Fit, Ford Focus, Toyota Prius, VW Beetle, Nissan Versa, Smart Car, etc., etc., and the list goes on. The sub-compacts just mentioned, only have a 100 lb. – 1,000 lb. rated hitch available. That’s still more than enough for either trailer, with ANY chair or scooter up to 600 lbs. The most important fact to know is this: ANY vehicle that a hitch is made for is enough vehicle & enough hitch!

Shipping 7-10 Business Days

Baked on powder coat enamel paint?

Spare tire kit (tire & wheel, side mount carrier)

Spray rubber coated rear load ramp (gas shock assisted)

Traction grip tape on floor

Trailer coupler lock (to deter theft while attached to vehicle)

Four 'rope pull' tie downs with ten locations to tie down to

Front swivel jack & caster wheel

Rear LED signal lights & license light

LED hand held battery operated light with magnet for night loading

Brushed, smooth aluminum fenders, bolted on for easy removal

High speed 145 x 12" LRC rated at 1,250 lbs. each

Torflex rubber ride suspension to allow for smooth ride


Important: Cancellation Policy

There will be a $500.00 per unit cancellation charge once the unit(s) is ordered, but has not shipped. Reasons for the charge are listed below.

At the moment payment is received for this product, documentation is immediately prepared and processed.

1) A Federal Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is issued.

2) A 'Certificate of Origin' for the VIN is created (per Federal law).

3) An invoice 'bill of sale' is created and printed with name & address, and also includes the seventeen digit VIN that was issued. The information on the invoice matches the information that appears on the 'certificate'.

4) Also created, is a warranty sheet, an order confirmation sheet, a maintenance & use guideline and assembly instruction sheet. And, of course, a shipping 'bill of lading' is also created.

*** Re-establishing identity and ownership of a vehicle involves voiding all documentation, as well as creating new invoices and documentation for the cancelled unit(s). This is not only costly, but takes time to complete. Therefore, refunds will require two to three weeks from the day a cancellation confirmation is received.