Future Air True Low Air Mattress System

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Our Most Advanced Low Air Loss System

This blower based "True" low air loss system is our most advanced low air loss system. It provides exceptional protection against pressure, shearing, friction and moisture. Recommended for patients with any stage pressure ulcer, myocutaneous skin flaps and skin grafts.-"True" low air loss system circulates air through 16 individual cells.The air is distributed equally across the top mattress surface wicking moisture away from the patient-User friendly digital power unit provides rapid inflation and easy set up-Integrated side bolsters keep patients centered in the bed reducing the risk of entrapment-Features "firm" mode for dressing changes and repositioning, and "upright" mode for added support when the head of the bed is elevated-Foot pillow prevents unnecessary skin breakdown due to patient migration-400lb. capacity

• True low air-loss therapy
•Our blower-based system effectively manages moisture, shear and friction while redistributing pressure.
•Functions include true low air- loss, auto firm and seat inflation
•Rapid inflation (less than 60 seconds) for quick-and-easy setup
•User-friendly digital pump
•Low-shear, low-friction cover is easy to clean and fully encases the air cells
•400-lb. weight capacity
•5-year warranty
•Also available with 4" raised air bolsters to help reduce the risk of patient falls and entrapment

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Specifications / Warranty

1 Year Limited Warranty