Atom Trike GT Scooter

Was: $3,299.00

Now: $2,499.00

Weight Capacity:
300 lbs
Top Speed:
7.7 mph
Drive Range:
18 Miles
Heaviest Piece:
Turning Radius:

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  • Atom Trike GT Scooter
  • Atom Trike GT Scooter
  • Atom Trike GT Scooter
  • Atom Trike GT Scooter
  • Atom Trike GT Scooter


The Atom Trike GT scooter is brand New to the USA. Sleak and Sporty and unlike the majority of scooters on the market the total weight of the unit is only 37 lbs and with the seat removed 31 lbs. It has a top speed of 7.7 Mph and on a full charge has a range of 18-20 miles.

Atom Trike is for people of any age with mobility disabilities, people who cannot walk long distances or just for the fun of it. If the battery is drained completely, it will take 4 hours to recharge. You don’t need a driver license but you need to be very careful because this is a power operated mobility device.

This is a new and innovative scooter that is designed for portability and strength. Nothing like this that works off a Lithium ion battery has come to the market before. The seat is extra padded for comfort and steering allows ease of Maneuverability. The weight capacity is 300 lbs and is perfect on light grass and gravel with a generous ground clearance.

This Scooter is Exclusive to Progress Mobility.